Supply Chain Crisis Erupts in California

Posted on November 27, 2021 by


Essential supplies are stranded in the middle of the ocean.

This is only part of the crisis happening with the California Supply Chain. There have been an overwhelming number of ports sitting idle and ships being delayed, causing the price of products to go up in stores. The Biden Administration plans to fix this by having the Ports of Los Angeles open 24/7.

Pete Buttigieg, the secretary for the ports, said that he hopes the partnership will help California update its technology and infrastructure, confront climate change, and have a better and faster process to get supplies out and prevent delays. 

President Biden and lawmakers plan to make an infrastructure plan that will cost a lot of money for the ports and the transportation between ports. Lawmakers continue to support this idea, but the pricetag for the infrastructure bill will be $1.85 trillion.

People who work with the ports say they need to update their technology and equipment because everything is outdated. Once they acquire everything they need, the hope is that it will last them a while and prevent delays. The cabinet secretary of California, David S. Kim, said this is the first time the Federal Government has worked with California to issue loans and infrastructure. 

Once the technology is upgraded, the supply chain will be on the fast track, and this will make things more efficient with no loss of time or supplies.

The biggest consumer when it comes to importing goods is the United States, with these goods valued at $2.5 trillion a year! This can create a problem and cause Americans to have a product shortage on items during the important holiday seasons. President Biden is fighting to make sure that this problem is fixed, with supplies in these ports, as well as making the whole process more efficient by having it open all day and all night.

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