Shrawder Takes up Residence in Art I

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Albert Einstein once said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

Mrs. Annie Shrawder is new to the Art I classroom, and she is offering a variety of art classes. She will be keeping much of the current curriculum, including visual journals and Senior Art walls, because she knows that they are important factors in fostering creativity and encouraging the development of a creative voice. She admires the creative environment fostered by reitred teacher Mrs. Diane Chisdak and believes it is a vital factor in the art department.

“I will be keeping the focus on the foundations of art because that is very important for students to have a solid foundation in the elements of art and principles of design,” Shrawder said.

The Artifact visual art and poetry magazine, as well as the National Art Honor Society, are also continuing. Art students looking to be involved with those can see Shrawder about details.

Shrawder is from Easton, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Kutztown University with her Bachelor’s in fine art, and then she received her Master’s and art teaching certification. She took as many creative classes as she could while she was in high school, and she encourages students to take a variety of her classes in art I as well as classes with Mrs. Elaine Hilbert in Art II.

“I know how amazing the art program here at Fleetwood is, and I knew I would be coming into a school where art is valued and where I could continue the excellence for all of our awesome students here,” Shrawder said.

To students who feel discouraged from taking art classes due to their skill level, Mrs. Shrawder says the following:

“I am a natural encourager because I see the value and beauty in what each person does and creates, as well as within each individual.  I think my art classes are a calming place where students can feel free to try new things without judgment.  Great artists are not always naturally gifted in every single area of art.”

Shrawder enjoys working alongside Hilbert and her fellow Fleetwood staff, and she also loves working with students and admires the care they put into their art.

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