FBLA Students Organize Newest Community Service Project

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Members of Fleetwood Area High School’s Future Business Leaders of America club have started this year’s community service project.

Eager to help out their community, three members of the FBLA are helping to bring awareness to the Purple Heart Foundation and the Wounded Warriors Project. 

This year’s representatives are Rachel Wagner, Sarah Reitenaur, and Erin Kasperowicz. They were approached by the teacher running FBLA, Mrs. Kelly Ackerman, to help run this project and bring awareness.

“People can volunteer to make their own personal care packages, volunteer with us to help run events we have, help us fundraise when we have our fundraisers going on, and just simply inform other people who we are, what we do, and what we hope to accomplish,” senior FBLA member Wagner said.

The enthusiasm about this project is clearly shown throughout the hard work and dedication that these girls have put forward. They have many goals in mind, such as writing 500 letters to soldiers, raising $400 to the Wounded Warrior Project and Purple Heart Foundation, and getting the whole school involved in this project. 

“This project is important to me because I feel that veterans do not get enough credit for what they give to this country, and that not enough people are aware of the effects their sacrifices inflict on them,” Wagner said. 

These students are not just doing this as some extra credit project or because they felt forced into it, but they are instead enjoying their time spent on this project and feel it is very personal to them. 

“This project is not just a school FBLA project for me. It is a way for me and others to show our service members, active or not, that we do see them,” Wagner said.

This project is not an obligation to them but rather a service to the school and those around them.

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