Omicron Varient Sweeps through the United States

Posted on December 30, 2021 by


There have been cases appearing all over the world on the new COVID-19 variant, called Omicron.

Omicron has been spreading like wildfire and has been causing concern for many. This Variant is stronger and more contagious than the Delta variant of Covid-19. People worry there is going to be a winter surge, or they believe the pandemic is going to get worse over the winter.

President Biden has issued a plan laid out for this problem, including an updated strategy for the pandemic. The pandemic strategy that Biden has is for those who can to get vaccinated. If a person is already vaccinated and he or she is an adult, that person should get the booster shot. New testing requirements for those who travel have arisen, and free at-home tests are available as well.

There have been reports of the new variant first in Hawaii, California, and New York state and city. Since there have been many cases, Biden made another announcement putting travel restrictions on eight African nations to stop the spread of Omicron because the first report on this variant was issued on 24 November 2021 in South Africa.

¨I do believe we should do another shut down just in case it gets worse,” FAHS senior Brittany Gluck said.

¨I definitely feel nervous about this new variant, but I don’t think we should shut down. People need to be more considerate of others. I believe the solution is to still wear a mask and get vaccinated,” senior Cheyenne Readinger said.

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