German Students Travel to New York City

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German teacher Mrs. Christine Moll recently took her German students to New York City!

Moll´s German class went to the Goethe-Institut on Tuesday, 7 December, 2021. The reason they went to the Goethe-Institut was to learn more about the German language. They also were able to experience/be around native German speakers!

This institute is also a non-profit educational organization from Germany. Not only that, but museum promotes the study of German, and staffers want to encourage others to learn it as well!

Sixteen high school German students and their friends went on this trip. The chaperones were Frau Moll, art teacher Mrs. Elaine Hilbert, and gifted teacher Mrs. Molly Sherman.

Sophomore Kylie Krauss shared with The Tiger Times about her experience when she went along on this trip.

“Spending the day with German speakers was a different experience. It made me want to get up and go to Germany. The trip was fun and an eventful experience,” Krauss said. “It was definitely learning experience learning, and traveling was so much fun. It made me realize how much German I want to learn, and it was an experience like no other.”

¨There are 159 Goethe-Instituts in the world, and one is only 100 miles from Fleetwood, in New York City. We planned our day around a visit to the Goethe-Institut in the morning and then explored the city in two groups in the afternoon,” Moll said. “All three morning workshop sessions were held almost exclusively in German, and it was great for the students to have this immersive experience with native German speakers. In the afternoon, one group went for a ride to Staten Island on the Ferry, and the other group went shopping. We met up at the end of the day at Rockefeller Center where we saw the Christmas tree.”

And Moll is convinced this won’t be the last time FAHS hosts a trip to the Goethe-Institut.

¨We would absolutely do this trip again! In fact, we had it planned for March of 2020, but we had to cancel it because of Covid. I hope to do it once a year from now on,” Moll aid.

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