FAHS Cheerleading Season Nearing its Ends

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Since the end of August, the FAHS cheerleading competition team has been working hard. The team of fourteen competed for the last time this season on 28 January, bringing this year to a close.  

“Everyone wants it a lot and really wants to succeed at states and do well,” sophomore Maris Arnold said. 

At practices, most of the time is focused on stunting because the two-minute and thirty-second performance is stunt-filled. Including tumbling and jumps, the routine takes commitment and teamwork. Without working together, the team would not have the results they have achieved over the season.

The FAHS cheerleading team has placed third at a Candy Cane special, fourth at counties, and seventh at districts, ending up eleventh overall. Rachel Ferrante and Gabriella Storms, the two coaches, have provided a helping hand to all the girls. 

“They’re constantly giving constructive criticism, which helps push me to be a better athlete,” freshman Skye Wall said. 

Ferrante and Storms see the drive and effort for perfection in all of their cheerleaders. Their impact on making the girls feel comfortable and open to questions makes the routine look cleaner and sharper. The team seems to agree that both coaches supply guidance for being a good athlete as well as a good person.  Team members state that they cherish their time on the squad together and that their friendships have gotten stronger as the season continued. For the cheerleaders, tt is the little moments that keep practice fun.

“The environment that’s created at practices is something that I loved to be in throughout high school,” senior Jasmine Evans said. 

Jamming to music while also talking and laughing on the bus ride to and from competitions is what allows them to all stay close and bonded. The team of 14 is sad to see the season come to a close, but they are proud of their accomplishments from this season.

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