German Club Dines at Deitsch Eck

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On Tuesday, March 29, 2022, German teacher Christine Moll and the German Club will be hosting a culinary field trip to Deitsch Eck. Everyone is welcome for a taste of German cuisine! 

The FAHS German Club is sponsoring this trip to Lenhartsville. Deitsch Eck is an authentic German restaurant in Pennsylvania. The food students will be trying when they arrive is a family-style dinner of chicken pot pie, potato filling, and lettuce with hot bacon dressing; the meal is an all-you-can-eat.

The main reason why Moll planned this trip to go there is that she wants her students to get a good experience with the authentic culture and food, as well as the fellowship and fun of a unique field trip. The students and even Moll herself are very excited to be going on this trip to Deitsch Eck.

So far, there are twenty-five students going on this trip, and there are still many open seats for those who are interested in going. 

¨See Frau Moll in Room #14 for a permission slip,”  Moll said. 

There are forty-eight seats available in total, so grab a permission slip and come enjoy Deitsch Eck with Mrs. Moll and the German club.

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