April Fools: FAHS Faculty Approves “Teacher Skip Day”

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Following the long tradition of “senior skip day”, the teachers of Fleetwood Area High School have planned a “teacher skip day” in retaliation. The faculty has pre-approved this event, and the date is set to occur on May 4th.

In preparation for this day, the school has called in several substitute teachers to fill in. Just like the seniors, the teachers plan to meet up at Shady Maple.

While the administration is unable to attend teacher skip day, they support the idea completely as a great way for teachers to relax and take time for themselves.

¨I think teacher skip day is a good way to show students the importance of what we do and how we are a necessary part of the educational system,¨ said Ms. Hailey Hoffman, student-teacher at Fleetwood Area High School.

On the specified day, students will be instructed by preplanned instructional videos, informing the students of what they will be learning that day. All videos were approved by the teachers weeks in advance. 

¨Mr. Houp told me that a secret cabal of teachers, kind of like an Illuminati group, which he heads, picks the day each year, and only true followers of the group are told what the day is going to be a few days before it happens,¨ media teacher Mr. Sean Gaston said.

Houp declined to answer any questions regarding “teacher skip day.”

While this is the first year it has been made public, Gaston stated that this is a tradition that has been going on for years now. In previous years, the group of teachers was small and selective, but it has seemed to branch out. Almost every teacher plans to participate this year. 

The teachers are in agreement that their day off is well deserved, and they are looking forward to taking the day for themselves, kind of like what seniors do even when they show up for class.

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