FAHS Students to See Romeo & Juliet in Philly this April

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Fleetwood Area High School students are getting the chance to see a live performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

This year, 85 students will be attending. The cost of the trip is 40 dollars, and it includes breakfast beforehand as well as lunch on the way home from the show. This year, the show will be at the Lantern Theater Company in Philadelphia.

The trip, annually spearheaded by English teacher Mr. Marc Walter, has been happening every year since 2011, with the exception of the years that the theaters were shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the years, the venue has changed due to various factors, and the play hasn’t always been Romeo and Juliet, but Walter has always tried to find a way to make the trip happen.

According to students and staff who have been on the trip, the theater delivers an excellent portrayal of Shakespeare’s Masterpiece.

 “Shakespeare’s plays were meant to be seen, not read out of a textbook. When there is physical action accompanying the dialogue, it is much easier to understand. I always enjoy watching the expressions on the students’ faces when they get to see the play they studied acted out by professionals,” Walter said.

Mrs. Anita Lewis, Spanish teacher at FAHS and theater enthusiast, has been chaperoning the trips the last few years.

 “Going on the Shakespeare trip is one of my all-time favorite experiences of my career here at Fleetwood High School.  As a performer myself, I love to see the various ways that the production team and the actors bring the stories to life,” Lewis said.

The trip is annual, so there will be a chance for all students to sign up in future years to see a rendition of Shakespeare’s classic and influential ouuevre.

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