Film Club Goes to the Movies

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Fleetwood Area High School’s Film Club went to see Uncharted at Fox Berkshire in Wyomissing on 19 March. The group went to Olive Garden near the theater for dinner before the showing.

A small group was in attendance, but there was plenty of film-related discussion over pasta before the 6:00 pm movie. 

The general consensus from the Film Club was that the movie was a mediocre treasure hunt story. One Film Club member said that he only came to eat at Olive Garden.

“I didn’t think it was anything special,” Film Club member and senior Hannah Medina said.

Mr. Sean Gaston, filmmaker, Communications teacher, and one of two Film Club advisors at the high school, had similar thoughts on the film. He acknowledged that it is based on a videogame, and therefore expected it to be unrealistic.

“Uncharted was entertaining and kept my attention, but outside of going to see the film with Film Club, I wouldn’t recommend others watch it,” Gaston said.

Film Club has been aiming to go out to the movies around once a month during this school year. Before the pandemic, the club would try to maintain the same schedule, and this year they have been able to get back into the swing of things. The club tries to stay with Fox Berkshire, for the sake of consistency and distance. Death on the Nile, Halloween Kills, and Old are a few films the club has seen at the Fox Berkshire theater this year.

The club also does annual “lock-Ins” for students who have attended a certain number of meetings during the school year. The members stay overnight at the school and get to watch movies the entire night.

At the end of the day, Film Club is about getting together, watching movies, and embracing an appreciation for film. As far as Uncharted goes, all of the Film Club was in agreement that they only came for the sake of being together and that it didn’t matter what the movie was.

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