Palacz Named Physical Education Teacher of the Year for 2022

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Fleetwood Area High School physical education teach Mr. Joseph Palacz has been named 2022 Physical Education Teacher of the Year. The Slippery Rock college graduate has been teaching for thirty-one years, most of those at Fleetwood. 

His overall goal for being a physical education teacher is to help others live a healthy lifestyle. Palacz informs his classes that he wakes up early and works out every morning, which gives his students motivation to stay active.

Along with his hard-working attitude, Palacz is known as a selfless person. His students know he cares about them. 

“He pays attention to the way students act and cares about what is going on with their outside lives,” freshman Skye Wall said. 

When he was told about receiving the award, he was grateful that, out of all the colleagues he works with, someone thought enough to submit his name to the committee. 

His colleagues at Fleetwood Area High School are a part of some of his favorite memories, and he considers himself fortunate for all the opportunities the school has given him. 

“I believe we have an outstanding health and physical education program and department here at Fleetwood Area High School; in saying that, we also have a very supportive administration and fantastic students who are willing to try new things and always participate enthusiastically,” Palacz said. 

Not only does the award-winning gym teacher allow students to undertake strengthening workouts, he also creates a fun atmosphere. Once the gym class begins, it is routine to see Palacz set up his speakers to play music. 

“He plays very fun music that makes everyone vibe,” senior Katie Stump said.

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