FAHS German Club Has Double Dessert

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Frau Christine Moll and the FAHS German Club are creating two desserts, one for April and one for May. The dessert in April was Black Forest Cake, and the dessert in May is going to be Spaghettieis.

The Black Forest Cake is a chocolate cake filled with cherries and has whipped cream and cherries on top. It is easy to make, or anyone can grab one at the store.

Spaghettieis is ice cream that looks just like spaghetti: vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup/sauce on top.

“I usually bake the cakes at my house, and then we decorate them and eat them at our meeting. We make the spaghettieis here with a Spaetzlepresse and toppings,” Moll said.

The spaetslepresse extrudes the ice cream so that it comes out looking like spaghetti. Spaghettieis is an easy dessert to make as well by just going to the store and getting the ingredients, which are store-bought, like ice cream and strawberry sauce.

“Both desserts are “sehr lecker” [very delicious]. Not only are they fun to make, but they are super delicious too,” sophomore Hailey Olivieri said.

The German Club has always been making the Black Forest Cherry Cake every year, and students enjoy decorating the cake together. The club is also accepting new participants for anyone interested before the school year comes to an end.

“If anyone has the time and wants to try these desserts, we invite them to come to the meeting!” Olivieri said.

Those who are interested in going to these last two German Club meetings can find out more information by talking to Frau Moll or Hailey Olivieri.

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