The Roar Store is Back and Busy

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The Fleetwood Area High School Roar Store is now open for its 3rd year. So far, operations have been going well. 

“Already, we have done a quarter of what we have done the entire last year in shirt-making in the first month of school,” business teacher Ms. Rebecca Heiser said. 

But the club has been met with some growing pains.

“The biggest challenge is space and being able to do what I want in the confinements of my classroom,” Heiser said.

The store was started in the fall of 2021, with an approach for a more hands-on experience in the entrepreneurship class. Getting it started involved some planning.

“Over the years, conversations arose with Mr. Herman, myself, and Mrs. Ackerman to try to add a school store feature to give students a hands-on experience in the building,” Heiser said.

With an elevated amount of sales, keeping up with the orders can take a lot of time. To stay on top of this, help is always encouraged. 

“Anyone can come down; they just have to talk to me,” Heiser said. “I will train them on what to do, and we will work on a schedule of when they are available to help. I have about seven to eight students who find any reason to come down during study hall or who are done with their work in other classes, and they just keep working on the projects that we have going on.” 

Anyone can also visit Heiser’s classroom and talk to her about ordering a shirt. She will let them know what designs or alternatives are available and then tell them what the price will be. The Roar Store also has an online store that has items already on there for people to go on and buy.

“Organizations can just email directly, and we work with them to come up with whatever they want and place orders,” Heiser said. 

In addition, anyone can visit room 13 and talk to Heiser directly or purchase online at 

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