Reporter Bio: Lauren Kile

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Lauren Kile is 17 years old and in 12th grade. She is an extremely hardworking and independent student.  She works at Crystal Cave in Kutztown, PA. Because she is in twelfth grade and attending college next year, Lauren has been thinking about going into international relations for her career path; international relations is the study of the interaction of national non-government organizations, including economies, politics, and security. Lauren has always lived in Fleetwood. In her elementary years, she went to Richmond. She has two siblings, and she is a middle child. She has a brother in tenth grade and a sister who is a sophomore in college. During the quarantine in 2020 and 2021, she was unbothered by virtual learning because she is a good learner.   One of her escapes from school work is dancing, which was unfortunately cut from sixteen hours a week to zero, which made her high-stress life a little more overwhelming, but she pushed through and considers herself to be in a way more comfortable position. She has always been a straight-A student even while acting as the secretary of Student Council and participating in chorus, orchestra, and band. Lauren also reads a lot. Her favorite book series currently is “The Inheritance Games,” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

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