Homecoming Kicks off Another New School Year

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Every year, Fleetwood students, staff, and the surrounding community come together to celebrate a Fleetwood athletic event for Homecoming, and this year that was a recent football game. 

According to a Hall of Fame Plaque and Sign article,  “The earliest beginnings of Homecoming date back to college alumni football games…to bring everyone back home and boost school spirit.”

So who boosted school spirit at Fleetwood?

For many years, Student Council has been in charge of the half-day events and the Homecoming parade.

“Each of the officers took different committees,” senior, Student Council treasurer, and spirit coordinator Laura Menet said. 

Officers start preparing for these events before the school year even begins.

“That is what Student Council is all about, benefitting the school body and uniting the school as a whole through spirited activities and student leadership,” junior, Student Council secretary, and powderpuff planner Gabriella WIlliams said. 

“Student Council does what they do for Homecoming because they want the student body to feel like a community,” sophomore, historian, and parade coordinator Aurora Kishbaugh said.

Senior, Student Council vice president, and variety show and Voice manager, Taylor Clark feels Student Council has a love for the school and the community that pushes them to continue homecoming each year.

“I think it’s honestly going to be better than the last couple years,” high school principal Mr. Stephen Herman said.

With all the planning that went into homecoming, Herman should be proud.

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