Reporter Bio: Sarah Grim

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Sarah Christine Grim is seventeen years old, and her birthday is on May 20th, 2005. She has an older brother named Mitchell who is nineteen-years-old. Sarah has future plans that involve working with children. She plans on going to college, and she is taking the time to think about exactly what she wants to do. She has some ideas, like teaching and or working in a daycare. Sarah used to be involved in softball but lost interest and continued to cheer for the high school. Sarah has joined The Tiger Times after realizing she likes journalism. She is now the secretary of The Tiger Times. Sarah has attended Fleetwood her whole life, and she is dedicated to graduating and making the best of her senior year. She said she wants to participate in things like homecoming, prom, and other activities. Outside of school, Sarah is a cashier at Giant, where she just started not long ago. Besides working, Sarah also likes to do things in her free time, like going to eat at her favorite place, Taco Bell, and watching her favorite show Gilmore Girls. Sarah’s favorite singer is Harry Styles, and her favorite brand is American Eagle. She looks up to her older brother Mitchell. Mitchell also bought Sarah her first car, which she drives to school. Sarah enjoys getting iced caramel lattes from Dunkin, and she loves watching Tik-Toks; it is one of her favorite apps. Sarah is a very dedicated, caring person. She cares for her friends, boyfriend, and family, all while maintaining school and doing whatever she can to make sure she has a great senior year.  

By Jaden Calm

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