Reporter Bio: Jaden Calm

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Jaden Kathryn Calm, born 7 March 2005, is in her senior year of high school at Fleetwood. She has been a student at Fleetwood most of her life, starting at Willow Creek, then moving to Hamburg during her junior year, and now returning to Fleetwood for her senior year. In school, her favorite subject is math, and her overall top teacher is Mrs. Laura Triechler. Jaden is glad for the opportunity to be in the journalism class. Jaden drives to school; she made sure she was able to get her license as soon as possible. For her senior year, getting all A’s and raising her GPA are her goals. After graduation in June, she plans to go to college for nursing and then will specialize in the NICU. In addition to school, Jaden has a job at 5 Below. She used to work at Dunkin and also has experience working at her Uncle’s diner. Jaden’s home life is filled with her two siblings, Rylee and Copper, and her two Great Danes. Besides a recent broken pinky nail, she has never broken any bones. Her free time is filled with listening to music by J. Cole and eating some of her favorite snacks. Those certain snacks are Cheez-its and cheesecake (which is also her go-to dessert). Jaden enjoys spending time with her friends and boyfriend and looks forward to seeing how her senior year pans out.

By Sarah Grim

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