FAHS Names September Students of the Month

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As a Fleetwood student of the month, a person has to show a lot of hard work and dedication. Recent students of the month Emily Wessner and Andrew Haas are doing everything they can to be good students.

“I think I deserve the position of student of the month because of my heavy involvement here in the high school. My wide range of clubs and extracurriculars made me a qualified student who has succeeded in different areas of study. I would say I’m a pretty optimistic and bubbly person, so my personal characteristics may have also played a part in my success,” Wessner said.

Wessner believes that the amount of work she has put into getting good grades as well as ashowing her classmates and teachers that she is a hard worker has helped to earn her the position of student of the month.

 Along with being a hardworking, dedicated student, Wessner appreciates generosity.

¨I definitely do enjoy helping others for both my own personal growth and to reach out in order to assist someone else’s needs. I always look for community service opportunities, or at least try to participate in the ones handed to me in my variety of clubs,” Wessner said.

With all of these skills, Wessner’s future plans are already laid out. 

¨After high school, I want to attend a four-year university to study Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE major). I am still in the application process, but my top school is Northeastern University in Boston, MA. My leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills will be key components in both my application and enrollment in whichever university I hope to attend,¨ Wessner said. 

Haas, the other student of the month, did not respond to offers to interview him for this article.

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