Reporter Bio: Jeffrey Brown

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Jeffrey Brown was born and raised in the Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, area.  He says he enjoys living here. He is a senior in high school at Fleetwood Area High School. He is currently enrolled in the school’s journalism program, which produces the school paper “The Tiger Times.” His reason for joining the program is that he wishes to pursue a career in sports journalism. To achieve this goal, he plans to attend college, likely Kutztown or Bloomsburg University, with either a journalism or sports media major. Among the sports journalists he admires and aspires to be like are Ian Raporport and Adam Schefter. He also counts sports articles as among the only materials he voluntarily reads.  When not in school, Jeffrey can be found golfing, a hobby he quite enjoys, or watching sports games on television at his home, which he considers his favorite place. His favorite teams are the Denver Broncos, Washington Capitals, Philadelphia Phillies, and Philadelphia 76ers, in each of their respective sports.

Over the Summer, Jeffery had a job working at a concession stand for Reading Philly home games. Since that job is no longer available, he plans to get a job at Dick’s Sporting Goods at some point in the near future. In addition to sports, Jeffery also enjoys clothing. He describes Nike Dunks as his favorite type of shoe.

On a more personal level, Jeffery feels that his level of empathy is what sets him apart from other people. He says his philosophy toward life is that “everything gets worse before it gets better, and you have to stick it out.” He described his own personality as “quiet, shy around people he doesn’t know, charismatic, and funny around those he does know.” All in all, it is not hard to come to the conclusion that Jeffrey Brown lives a fulfilling life that is going places.

By Jacob Rauenzahn

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