Hoffman Transitions from Student Teacher to Faculty Member

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Ms. Hailey Hoffman, the new Fleetwood Area High School English teacher who teaches English 9 to 11, is from originally from Bridgewater, New Jersey, which she still frequently visits about twice a month. 

Hoffman knew she wanted to be a teacher starting around the age of 4 or 5.

“School was always my favorite game to play!” Hoffman said. 

Hoffman was a student teacher from January 2022 to May 2022, in which she predominately taught Shakespeare in Mr. Houp’s classroom.

“I had lots of fun. I taught Shakesphere, and I love Shakesphere,” Hoffman said. 

Her favorite  Shakespeare story is Romeo and Juliet, which she tries to connect a lot of her teaching back to. 

English teacher Mr. Zachary Houp was Hoffman’s cooperating teacher while student teaching, and he had many positive things to say about Hoffman.

“Miss Hoffman was a very exciting and enthusiastic teacher, one who had big ideas and significant aspirations for her students,” Houp said. “She was always prepared to acknowledge any weaknesses and seek out the best resources and experts to help her become the best teacher she could be.” 

“I think Ms. Hoffman’s pretty good; it’s her first year as her own teacher, and I think she’s doing a good job,” junior Jackson Kessler said. 

“My sophomore year is going smoothly. I would say Ms. Hoffman is an understanding teacher,” sophomore student Mohamed Saccoh said.

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