Russia Considers Using Nuclear Weapons against Ukraine

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Just how close is the world to Nuclear warfare?

Unfortunately, it is probably the closest it has been since the Cold War era. The culprit is the raging war going on between Russia and Ukraine, in which Russia is making nuclear weapons threats.

“They are just scare-tactics,” Fleetwood Area High school physics and science teacher Mr. Damian King said. “It’s anybody’s guess whether he’ll (Putin) push the button.”

The truth is that nobody knows for sure whether Putin will decide to use Nuclear warfare on Ukraine. With Russia making these remarks, however, the United States and all of NATO are strongly advising him not to do it or else Russia will face consequences. 

“If Russia would use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, I believe that the response of NATO would almost have to come to Ukraine’s aid,” Fleetwood Area High School history teacher Mrs. Sherri Rankin said. “At least right now, I don’t think he (Putin) will use any nuclear warfare.”

A thing that could definitely stop Russia from using nuclear weapons would be if its allies don’t support it. 

“China has not been subtle about their dislike of Putin’s nuclear rhetoric. India, who supports Russia financially through buying their oil and natural gas, has also voiced concerns about nuclear deterrence,” King said.  

“I would hope that Russian allies would condemn any use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine and that they would oppose Putin at this point,” Rankin said.

Another thing that can calm things down is peace talks. In the current state of the war, Russia and Ukraine haven’t shown much interest in peace talks.

“Peace talks are the only real option to end the war, but the question is, To what end?” King said. 

At end of the day, the truth is that nobody really has any idea what will happen. Putin may become desperate enough to use nuclear warfare, but all one can do is hope he sees the dire consequences of it.

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