Math Club Members Compete at Kutztown University

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On October 27, 2022, senior math club members Ruohan Chen and Samuel Mitten competed against other high schoolers in the Keystone Symposium. This event, which is known as “The Inagurabal Keystone Symposium on Mathematics Research by High School Students,” creates an outlet for high schoolers to present a solution to a math-related problem.

“For the KU project, I came up with a problem and then really just hated it and tried different methods until I found one that looked promising.  I then developed a presentation on extending that process to prove it would work,” Mitten said. 

After going through the deliberation process, Chen decided to go with, “What’s the probability of surviving Squid Games’ glass bridge?” 

Mitten’s prompt was, “Indiana Jones should have paid attention in math class.” Both Chen and Mitten had to provide an adequate explanation to provide details and evidence in support of their claims. 

“I have given some presentations at math club, but nothing of this caliber,” Mitten said. 

It certainly takes time for the judges to consider each of the students’ responses.

“There was a panel of scoring judges at the event. Scores have still not been released,” Mitten said. 

The math club holds meetings each Monday at 2:30 in room 204. To get more information, contact adviser Mrs. Melissa Dunn or any of the officers. 

The club is always open to new faces. 

“Definitely, the more the merrier,” Chen said.

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