Boys’ Basketball ’22-’23 Finds Much Success

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The Fleetwood team celebrates, and the student section gets excited behind them. Pictured: Aiden Soumas, Caden Ryan, Jakob Karnish, Hunter Svoboda, and Nathaniel Herb pictured.

The Fleetwood boys’ basketball team had a successful season. With a 22-5 record, the team pushed limits and reached their goals. 

Although most of their games ended in victory for the Tigers, the team faced some losses. Those scores were normally separated by one point. For example, the team’s loss against Wyomissing was 34-35 and the loss to Wilson during playoffs was 53-54. 

With a couple losses, the majority of the season was filled with wins with huge score gaps. Some of the team’s biggest wins were against Catasauqua, 70-40, Brandywine Heights, 65-26, and Tulpehocken, 74-35.  

Throughout the season, the team’s connection grew stronger on and off the court. 

“We all have fun and we joke around. It is more of a brotherhood than a team. We are always hanging out with each other and doing things as a team,” junior basketball player Hunter Svoboda said. 

Not only did Fleetwood boys’ basketball make memories, but the team also made history. The student section loved coming to the games and supporting the team during playoffs. 

“My favorite part about being in the student section is definitely the atmosphere. Being with all your classmates and friends while cheering on the team creates unmatched energy,” junior Mason Musitano said. 

Counties began February 13th, but with a hard loss against Wilson, the team was out in the first round. 

Then, districts started on February 23rd, where the Tigers beat Middletown 50-34, which advanced them to play Littletown on February 27th. With a winning score of 58-37, the Tigers advanced to the district finals. 

Making it to district finals was a huge accomplishment because Fleetwood hasn’t won a district game in 33 years and hasn’t played in the district finals since 1990.  The team played Berks Catholic. Even though they did not win, the team made history and experienced a memory they will never forget. 

“Making the District Finals was a goal for our team all season, and to finally know it happened is surreal. Not many athletes get to participate in a sport they love on this big of a stage, so it is a great feeling,” junior basketball player Aiden Soumas said. 

The first round of states began on March 10, and with a losing score of 50-62, the Fleetwood boys’ basketball season came to an end. 

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