Faculty Favorites Filled with Familiar Faces

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Each year, Fleetwood boasts many outstanding teachers who are favorites by many students. In previous years, the most favored teacher has been announced at the pep rally, but there was not one this year. Students judge teachers on essential attributes such as how laid back, knowledgeable , and cool they are.

“I would have to say Mr. Ebersole was my favorite teacher throughout high school,” senior Aaron Nelson said.

Charles Ebersole is the band teacher at Fleetwood Area High School, and not too many students have negative things to say about him. His dedication and love for his job makes him that much better of a teacher.

“What makes Mr. Ebersole my favorite teacher is that he is always happy. I don’t think I saw a day this year he wasn’t smiling,” junior Ben Rohde said.

Another popularly liked teacher is physics teacher, Scot McCullough. He has been a teacher at the high school for many years.

“Mr. McCullough’s classroom is where I have the most fun. He’s just an all-around cool guy, and the experiments we do are really fun. He has made twelfth grade science a blast,” senior Anthony Batista said.

“Mrs. Wilkinson has got to be the coolest teacher in the school. She’s so relatable to students, and [she maintains] strong relationships with students throughout high school. We do fun activities in class, and everyone seems to have a good time,” junior Clay Weidemoyer said.

Every student has his or her favorite teacher, but some stand out more than others. Students will remember memories from different teachers that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. The teachers have done an outstanding job trying to make high school one of the best experiences the students will have.

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