Random Cheese: Finals Week Reflections

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“I’m going to try my best on the finals.” –Junior Nate Reinert

“I think finals are a waste of time.” –Junior Andrew Moran

“I don’t like it when teachers give just a final but no midterm.” –Junior Madison Bossler

“Finals are really dumb and have no point.” –Junior Ben Rohde

“Why can’t teachers just give cumulative tests the whole year?” –Senior Aaron Nelson

“Finals should be during regular school.” –Junior Antonio Rosa

“I think finals should on be a regular class period long.” –Sophomore Ryan Gantz

“Finals week is the most overwhelming week of school.” –Sophomore Mike Osenbach

“Although most teachers have it, I don’t agree with finals week.” Senior Josh Watkins

“It’s really hard to remember all the information from the entire school year.” –Sophomore Joe Kinek

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