Students Satsified by Summer Break

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Summer break is one of the most anticipated times of the year for students. They look forward to spending time with friends and doing various recreational activities. Most seniors venture out for senior week to different locations. Some of the popular locations are the beach, down south, and even camping. Students who are not seniors mostly hang out with friends and do all kinds of different summertime activities.

“Each year I look forward to the summer because it is a relaxing time with my friends, and I know I’ll always have a good time. We always go swimming and have occasional parties,” junior Ben Rohde said.

Student athletes participate in some summer sports leagues, such as baseball, field hockey, soccer, and more. They play to keep conditioned for the spring, and to keep up on their game. It gives them a chance to reunite with friends even when they aren’t at school.

“Legion baseball is always a blast because it’s more laid back than high school baseball, but it’s still serious. It isn’t as cold as the high school season, which is always a good thing, and we play different teams,” senior Brandon Koharcheck said.

“I usually just stay at home and hang out with my friends nearly every single day. The 2013 summer should be one of the best ones ever because I’m older and have more freedoms,” junior Andrew Moran said.

Summer time is a time of relaxation, fun, and time off from school. Most students worked hard during the 2013 school year, and now it is time for them to have some time to themselves. Whatever they choose to do in the summer, students should be safe but still have the time of their lives.

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