Young 20-Person FAHS Cheerleading Team Faces Challenges and Successes

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This year’s twenty-person Fleetwood cheerleading team faces the challenges and successes of being a young team. With only one senior, the cheer team has really had to step up. Freshmen have had to take charge, and juniors have gone through the expectations of taking more leadership unlike previous years. Rachel Shigo, an alumna of FAHS, and Gabriella Storms, a first-year coach, both have been supporting the team. 

”Being a graduate of Fleetwood and FHS cheer has helped immensely with re-shaping the program and pushing all my athletes to their greatest potential,” Coach Shigo said. 

”The struggle is not having as much experience on the team compared to last year,” sophomore cheerleader Erin Kasperowicz said. 

Team dinners, pool trips, and conversations throughout practice is what keeps them all connected. 

”I’m really looking forward to spending my last season with my teammates and being able to celebrate that with them,” Senior Captain Jasmine Evans said. 

Evans tries her best to show the girls how important cheerleading is because, along with the student section, the cheerleaders keep the spirit alive. Doing pushups after Fleetwood scores and performing the Fleetwood rumble are fan favorites.

”I absolutely love football home games; the environment is unmatched,” freshman athlete Naomi Villasenor said. 

Because a majority of the team is younger, performances can be difficult, but with help from coaches and upperclassmen, the skill and friendship is still there for all twenty athletes.

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