Fleetwood High School Class of 2022 Takes Their Senior Trip

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A few weeks ago, eager high school seniors had the chance to take a break from their schoolwork by undertaking their main field trip for the year.

Fleetwood’s 2022 Graduating Class traveled to Manheim, Pennsylvania, to attend the 2021 Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.

The gates opened at 11:00 a.m.  There were many activities in which to partake, including stage shows, unique food, and artisanal merchants.

“Others should attend this event because it is a very fun day that takes you back in time. It shows you how people used to live and what kind of food and materials they used in their everyday lives, which is very interesting,” 2022 graduate Will Ryan said.

The high school class was able to walk around unchaperoned, which gave them plenty of freedom. 

“I had the freedom to do what I wanted throughout the day. It allowed me to have a good time with my friends, which made the trip so much more enjoyable,” Ryan said.

The seniors were able to experience the shows and the music that were being performed. There was also a variety of food that could be purchased, such as grilled cheese, a giant turkey leg, and a pickle on a stick.

“The prices were kind of ridiculous, but I feel like it’s all part of the experience. The money doesn’t amount to how much fun you have,” Ryan said.

Most of the senior class seemed to enjoy this field trip and said that they would attend again.

“I think they should continue this trip because it was something fun to do with friends that I probably wouldn’t have done if it weren’t for this trip,” senior classmate Emily Kline said.

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire continues to be a hit throughout the Fleetwood Area High School senior classes.

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