FAHS Math Club Arises from Student Demand

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As of 18 October, the Fleetwood Area High School now has a math club, and all students are welcome to join.

“Don’t be discouraged. All levels are welcome. The more you hear about math and see it in action, the more you will pick up on things, and you might be surprised what you already know,” Math teacher and adviser Melissa Dunn said.

The club meets on Mondays immediately after school in Dunn’s room, 204. Currently, the meetings are from 2:30 to 3:00, but times may vary in the future. Activities students can expect from the Math Club are intellectual exercises, competitions, and potential field trips. A variety of games and puzzles, such as Sudoku, Tangrams, 24, and Equate, will be played over the course of the school year.

“It will be a fun experience to improve your math skills at any level since I will try to teach subjects with only algebraic prerequisites that are also not usually covered in the school curriculum,” junior RuoHan Chen said.

Math Club will also be a safe space for students to get help with classwork without having to worry about criticism. 

“It will also be a great opportunity to ask about any math-related homework you are struggling with,” Chen said.

Other potential Math Club activities include a field trip to the Museum of Mathematics in Manhattan, New York; SAT prep; and assistance with the middle school Mathcounts team.

“I joined Math Club for SAT prep, and I like that it’s flexible. I’m also looking forward to the competitions; that’s another main reason why I signed up,” junior Francessca Snyder said.

Math Club is also a place for people who simply enjoy math and want to spend time with others who share that passion

“I joined Math Club just because I like math,” junior Bianca Findon said.

Whether it is homework help, SAT prep, or just math-related games, Math Club has something to offer for every student.

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