April Fools: FAHS Finals to Be Worth 50% of Yearlong Grade

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A policy is being adopted this school year in which final exams are now worth 50% of the students’ final grades for the year. The decision was reached after 70% of teachers approved the change. 

With this new system, each quarter is now only worth 12.5% of a student’s final grade. 

“I think that finals should definitely be at least 50% of a student’s final grade. If you pay attention in class all year, you’ll know the information. In fact, finals should be 100% of a student’s final grade!”-English student teacher Miss Hailey Hoffman.

Hoffman continues by arguing that too few students care about a single assignment work 10%-20% of their grade and that a larger percentage might be more motivating.

The only concern for this alteration might be the amount of stress that this will put on students. Some ideas have already been proposed to reduce the level of stress this change will cause.

The first idea is for teachers to have multiple mandatory review sheets for the students. The second idea is for them to host multiple review sessions in class. For many students, this change won’t alter this behavior all that much because study no matter what. 

“Why on God’s green earth would the school do this?” sophomore Kaden Peffel said.

“I really don’t care what they do for the final exam. I don’t need to study because I’m going to wing it because I get good grades,” sophomore Vinny Cardell said.

The only remaining question is whether this alteration will stand the test of time or be revisited at the end of this school year.

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