English Teacher Mahnken Retires after 28 Years

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Ms. Deb Mahnken, English teacher, is retiring after decades teaching at the Fleetwood Area School District.

Mahnken has been teaching for 28 years, but she didn’t aim to teach from the beginning. Her first degree was in psychology from Temple University, and she worked at the Delaware Valley Mental Health Foundation with psychotic young adults for five years. Later, she earned her teaching degree from Kutztown University and began that stage of her career.

Mahnken began teaching in 1994 with sixth grade and has been working with 11th and 12th graders for years now.

Mahnken has found teaching to be very fulfilling. She expressed her appreciation for when she gets through to students and they find meaning in the course material. She has a keen interest in the classics and older literature.

“I especially enjoy teaching juniors and seniors. It’s a privilege to experience young people embarking on their adult lives, getting their driver’s licenses, getting jobs, applying to colleges, and walking out the door to their futures,” Mahnken said.

Mahnken has connected with many students over the years and has formed friendships with teaching colleagues.

“Ms. Mahnken holds a wealth of knowledge, and it has been a pleasure being her colleague over the last fifteen years.  Her sense of humor and straightforward approach have had an impact on how I have shaped myself as a teacher, and I thank her for her dedication to the profession,” English teacher Mr. Andy Good said.

Mahnken has been involved with clubs such as American Sign Language Club and Book Club.

“I think she’s very well-spoken. I enjoy having her there and [hearing] her perspective on books, and I think she’s really knowledgeable with English,” senior Avery McGarry said.

In her retirement, Mahnken is looking forward to traveling, especially to Europe. She is also excited about not having to wake up at the crack of dawn every day.

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