’21-’22 School Year Comes to an End

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With the FAHS school year coming to an end, students share their favorite moments from the ’21-’22 year. 

Friendships were made in all sorts of situations. Classes like creative writing with Mrs.Wilkinson allowed the students to connect with one another. With the help of daily journal prompts that were shared out with the class and various writing assignments on which students worked together, the ninth through twelfth graders were great friends by the end of the semester. 

“The class became a family because of how tight-knit you become with peers in that class,” junior Delaney Devlin said. 

Another major situation that started friendships was during homecoming. Dressing up for spirit week, the powderpuff game, the football game, and the homecoming dance were favorable memories from the early October festivities.

Junemanuel Batista-Hernandez was a new student this school year, resulting in homecoming not being as enjoyable as others would say. Once Junemanuel met more people, he started to understand the excitement of homecoming.

“Towards the beginning, it was kind of boring, but then towards the end, it was actually really fun because of the new friends I made,” Batista-Hernandez said. 

With the last day of school being 8 June, but graduation being held on 7 June, seniors are reminiscing on their favorite parts of the school year. 

“My favorite part would be sitting outside for lunch with my friends,” Hunter Phillips said. 

Great memories such as homecoming, favorite classes, and many other fun activities are what make the ’21-’22 school year one to remember.

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