COVID-19 Represents a Clear Stumbling Block for Students

Posted on January 11, 2023 by


After the effects of COVID-19 on the entire school system, students have felt the impact in a variety of ways. Grades, assignments, and attendance have seen these most alterations.

In order to understand the impact COVID had, it’s important to find out how students responded after feeling its effects.

“Before the pandemic, about 1 in 7 students nationwide—8 million—were chronically absent,” Education Week reported.

Chronic absenteeism is when a student misses 10% or more of the school year for any type of absence. 

“Several data points suggest rates of chronic absenteeism have as much as tripled during the national crisis,” Education Week added.

Students have also seen learning as well as grading intertwine to influence different changes.

“COVID has altered the fact that there are more ways to learn in school,” Fleetwood senior Jacob Mest said. 

“I think teachers assign things that are easier for them to put out, but harder for us to do,” Fleetwood junior Jake Temos said.

Grades are another key issue that has plagued students during and after COVID. While it has been fine for some, it has also been troublesome for others. 

“It slightly lowered [my grades] a little bit because I wasn’t on top of my work as much as I should have been,” Fleetwood senior Alaina Smith said.

In some rare cases, COVID had positive effects on people’s grades.

“It increased them a great amount,” Fleetwood junior Colton DeTurk said. 

Trying to stay afloat and navigate through school during and after COVID has had a measurable impact on students.

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