FAHS’s Music Trip Adds to The Disney Magic

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From February 26th through March 1st, students involved in FAHS music programs took a trip to Florida. Universal Studios and Walt Disney World were the featured major attractions. The trip itself runs once every four years. 

Many students anticipated this outing for a long time, especially considering no other school trip is similar to it. 

“It was really cool to have the opportunity to march in Universal and have so many people from all around the world watch us play,” FAHS senior Alaina Smith said. 

Even with scheduled performances throughout the week, students were still able to have fun along the way. 

“I thought it was worth it. It gave me a nice break from school, and it was fun. My favorite part was going to the Star Wars part of Hollywood Studios,” FAHS senior Tony Downs said. 

This was the first time for some of the people attending the trip to go to Disney, so there were many things to take in and see. 

“The food was so good; it was one of the best parts. There was so much food there, and you could experience new things,” FAHS junior Jenna Jablonski said. 

“Epcot [was the best] because there are a lot of different countries and traditions as well as food,” FAHS senior Logan Henry said. 

Both parks feature unique rides and attractions throughout, which add to the experience overall. Disney World Orlando features approximately 173 rides interspersed within each of the different areas of the park. 

“Magic Kingdom was my favorite part of the trip,” FAHS senior Megan Stone said. 

While the majority of the excursion went well, not everything went as planned. 

“I think the way they scheduled it didn’t line up correctly, and most of the chaperones couldn’t understand it,” Downs said. 

Going on the trip provided many experiences and memories for those who decided to go.

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