The 2022 Fleetwood Yearbook Makes History by Receiving a PSPA Gold Medal

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The Fleetwood yearbook for the 2022 school year scored gold in the PSPA awards. PSPA stands for Pennsylvania School Press Association, and this award focuses on yearbook critique. The yearbook can be given a score of gold, silver, or bronze. 

In order to win the award, the yearbook needs to score gold in all four categories. The four categories that the judges looked at were coverage and photography; writing, reporting and editing; layout and graphics; and special considerations.

Along with a few recommendations, the judges were impressed with the book. One of the main things that the judges pointed out was the writing. 

The judges left comments such as, “I’m impressed with how many stories you were able to tell” and “Your journalism truly sets you apart in the world of yearbooks.”

The yearbook staff, a mixture of juniors and seniors, as well as the advisor, technology education teacher Mrs. Sara Sanoki, put a lot of hard work into creating the book over a whole year. This is the first time Fleetwood has received gold; therefore, when learning about receiving gold, the feeling was rewarding as well as a shock. 

“I mean, it is exciting, and it is nice to be recognized for the work that we put into it last year, and I don’t know if any of us were expecting to get an award like this, so it kind of came as a surprise,” junior yearbook staff member during the 2022 school year Evangeline Crossley said. 

The 2022 yearbook included parts that separated it from other yearbooks. The staff wanted to design a book that had unique sections and strong features. 

“I think it had dynamic elements that you don’t necessarily see in other yearbooks. We really focused on having a lot of pictures, so I think our pictures were interesting, which draws your eye, and then we had the writing to follow up on it. So, with that combination, it led itself to be in the running for an award like this,” junior yearbook staff member during the 2022 school year Delani Walker said. 

Since the 2022 Fleetwood yearbook received gold in all four categories, it advances into the running for state finalists. The book will be looked at by a panel of judges, and then results will be shared.

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